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How much does it cost to join SWIBL?

The cost to play in SWIBL is $695 (as of  2022 season).             

Our goal is to always keep our fees as low as possible; however, dependent on our projected expenses for the upcoming seasons,

NOTE:  Registration fees include insurance.  Fees are reduced if teams are able to secure insurance elsewhere.

When are the league fees required to be paid?

The league fees are due at the first league meeting usually held in late NOVEMBER or early DECEMBER.    Arrangements can be made in advance to delay payment if a team is not capable of making payment at this meeting.   These arrangements have to be made directly with the League Commissioner. 

NOTE:  A team's position in the league is NOT guaranteed until ALL FEES are paid. 

How long is a typical SWIBL season?

League play usually starts mid-to-late March/early April and runs through early July.   All games should be scheduled/played before July 3rd (in most cases) prior to the start of the League Championships.   The League Championship tournament will run immediately following the July 4th holiday.   Each year the actual dates will vary based on what day July 4th falls on.

How much does it cost to start a SWIBL team?

We would estimate that most team's budget may be between $3000-$4000 per year; however, it really depends on the team themselves.  The following are examples of possible items that factor into the overall budget for a team:

  • Uniforms
  • Equipment (baseballs, bats, batting nets, etc.)
  • Batting cage rental
  • Indoor practice facility charges over winter
  • Total games played (both league and non-league)
  • Total # of tournaments played

The cost for an individual family can be offset via fundraisers or team sponsors.  

NOTE:  SWIBL places no regulations on team budgets nor does the league get involved in the financial management of the teams.

Does SWIBL provide baseball fields?

No.   Fields are the responsibility of the team.   The league does not schedule fields for teams or helps secure the fields on behalf of a team or a club.  Teams are responsible for locating the fields where they will play their home games.  In addition, teams are responsible for all costs for the usage of the fields.   Costs will vary depending on the venues.

NOTE:  While SWIBL does not provide access to the fields in the region, we do have relationships with various parks and recreation departments and can provide teams with contacts for certain venues.  You can email the league and someone will respond if we have a contact for a specific venue.

Does SWIBL provide pitching machines for 7U and 8U teams to use?

No.  SWIBL does NOT supply teams with a pitching machine.  It is the team's responsibility to secure their own pitching machine.   SWIBL's only rule/guideline for pitching machines is that the machine be a single wheel machine - preferably Jugs.

SWIBL does own a pitching machine that a team may "rent" for a season.   For additional information, please contact Andy.

How many games does a team typically play in a season?

Depends.  The total number of league games is normally determined by the number of teams within a given age/division.  Our target is between 15-20 games for 9U-14U and roughly 32 games for 7U and 8U.  In addition, teams should factor in the League Championships which occur at the end of the season.  That could be up to an additional 4-5 games.

NOTE:  7U and 8U, we target roughly around 16 dates (8 home, 8 away) and each date is a double header.  7U and 8U games are one hour in length. 

Teams have complete discretion on the total number of games they play during a season.   Some teams may play just the league games and 2-3 tournaments for a total of around 30-40 games.  Other teams may choose to play 40+ games.   It is completely at the teams (and parents) discretion on the number of games a team plays.

My child was not selected at a tryout, can SWIBL help place him/her on a team?

Coaches have the autonomy to manage their team the way that that they feel is best.  This includes batting lineups, fielding positions, roster, practices, etc.  SWIBL does not have any role in the overall management, construction or structure of a team.